Top 7 Best 5 Burner Gas Grill Review – Expert Buying Guide

Which Best 5 Burner Gas Grill Should You Get?

Top 7 best 5 burner gas grill: Buying Guide and Reviews

If you are in the market for a new grill, read on! We have taken the time to review some of our favorite 5 burner gas grills. Our list is unique because it includes both propane and natural gas models so that all customers can find what they need. Whether you want something sleek or large, we have found 7 options for you to look through before making your final decision.  Let’s get started!

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Top 7 Best 5 Burner Gas Grill

1. Blaze LTE 40-Inch 5-Burner Built-in Natural Gas Grill

This is the best 5 burner gas grill for family and friends. The Blaze LTE 40-inch 5-burner built-in natural gas grill is your imagination and creativity on a plate. Boasting 70,000 BTUs of cooking power and an impressive 14,000 BTU per burner output. With the choice of 5 stainless steel 304 cast burners each giving you 10,000BTU infrared rear burner for grilling versatility. The durable 8mm stainless steel cooking rods maximize your searing capability on 915 square inches of cooking space to create tantalizing dishes. Our push button flame thrower provides spontaneous combustion with backup flash tube secondary ignition crosstubes that are designed to provide steady performance in any outdoor condition.


– Cook on a total of 70,000 BTUs.

– Enjoy professional cooking power and control with 14,000 BTUs per burner.

– Cook more at once with the 915 square inches of cooking space.

– The cast stainless steel burners are commercial quality and will last long into the future.

– Get a fast start every time with the push and turn flame-thrower primary ignition system.

– Enjoy evening gatherings in style thanks to illuminated control knobs.

– Be the envy of all your friends and family members with this high quality, professional grade range.


– Easy to use 2 stage ignition system with push button piezo electric start for quick and easy lighting.

– Large stainless steel side burner provides enough heat to cook up a meal for 8+ people.

– Cooking area of 915 square inches which is roomy enough to prepare meals for your family and friends.

– Flavorizer bars made from cast iron and porcelain enameled for an extremely durable non-stick surface that ensures quick food release and easy cleaning.

– Hinged cooking grates made from heavy duty cast iron which are removable to make it effortless to clean the unit.

– Pressure regulator valve with 5 adjustable burners (ranging 0,000 BTUs).

– Stainless steel burner tubes provides attractive appearance and longer heat life than other types of material.


– The side burner may rust after a few years due to moisture getting trapped inside which can be prevented by using an aluminum disk underneath. 

– Assembly and quality control issues have been experienced by some customers in terms of putting the pieces together and tightening the screws correctly.

>>> No doubt, the the Blaze LTE 40-inch is one of the best 5 burner gas grills.

2. PIT BOSS 10762 5 Burner Gas Griddle

Looking for a best 5 burner gas grill? The five-burner Pit Boss griddle is a versatile, high-performance gas appliance that packs the power to cook three times faster than an electric stove. Large enough to feed crowds of all sizes, this efficient cooker provides professional grade cooking experience and convenience for your backyard barbecue, tailgating party or campout. The sleek design features 2 shelves which can be used as auxiliary burners or folded down and locked into place when not in use so you won’t lose valuable cooking space and it offers the flexibility to serve breakfast tacos on one side while dinner sizzles on another with everything from bacon and eggs to rib eyes steaks.


– 753 square inch cooking surface, save space in your kitchen by cooking everything on one surface. 

– Cooking surface is easy to clean and won’t rust.

– 5 stainless steel burners, burners are powerful and energy efficient.

– Cooks faster than any other griddle. 

– Steaming surface for perfect eggs and pancakes. 

– Durable construction to last a lifetime.


– Easy-to-read temperature dials.

– Large cooking area so you can cook a lot of food at once (753 sq inches).  

– Heavy duty cast iron plates, which do not warp easily and will not need replacing over time.  

– Three grease channels make it possible to collect excess grease without getting your food greasy or burning it. 

– Indoor/outdoor convertible grill that can move back and forth between the two without much difficulty.

– Sturdy construction  – Easy to assemble. 

– Comes with a drip tray, burner covers and pot holders.


– Many people complained about uneven heating so keep in mind food may need to be cooked longer in some areas.

– It takes a long time to heat up and cool down.

>>> This is the best 5 burner gas grill you can buy right now!

3. Char-Broil 463373319 Performance 5-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill

The best 5 burner gas grill is the perfect tool for outdoor entertaining. The Char-Broil Performance Series 5-Burner Gas Grill is the perfect grill for those who love to cook and entertain often. With many features such as durable stainless steel burners, removable porcelain coated grease pan, and 10,000 BTU side burner with its own control knob this grill is made to last. Its sleek white cart design offers a touch of elegance at your backyard barbecue where friends and family will be impressed by the size and grilling capabilities of the performance series 5-burner gas grill from Char Broil!


– The porcelain coated grease pan is durable and easy to clean. 

– Cook food evenly with stainless steel burners.

– Cast iron grates are durable and rust resistant. 

– Grill your favorite foods without the hassle of charcoal or propane tanks


– It’s much more durable than other types of similar priced grills. 

– This grill also features two sturdy racks, which could really help when cooking for large groups of people.

– The temperature can be adjusted at a moment’s notice with the simple turn of a dial, and doesn’t require any actual physical contact with the grill itself. 

– While most cheaper models come with only one burner, this one has two burners.

– It also features a sturdy stand that won’t buckle when you least expect it.

– It doesn’t waste fuel like cheaper models, which tend to put off lots of smoke while using them.

– The grilling surface heats up quickly, so you can get started cooking in no time flat.


– The legs which are not adjustable and may need to be propped up on bricks or wood blocks in order to achieve a desired height.

– Another con is the lack of a side burner , which limits cooking versatility by preventing great meal ideas.

>>> Overall, we believe that this is one of the best 5 burner gas grills in terms of looks on our list. We love the sleek black look with the steel accents.

4. Summerset Sizzler Pro 40-inch 5-burner Built-in Natural or Propane Gas Grill

The best 5 burner gas grill is a great addition to your back yard! The Summerset Sizzler Pro 40-inch 5-burner grill is designed for cooks of all levels with its ability to provide even heating, infinite temperature settings, and cooking space that offers 875 square inches of exterior grilling area. Made from 443 grade polished stainless steel and built to withstand the elements with a design based on over 50 years of research and development in the outdoor kitchen arena, the Summerset gas grill allows you to cook your favorite foods without worrying about any harmful emissions or flare ups! Whether barbecuing chicken, caramelizing sauces on vegetables or searing meat until they’re succulent, this natural gas grill is perfect for restaurants as well as any outdoor entertainment venue.


– Adjustable height aluminum legs.

– Extra long removable brush to remove grime from Flavorizer bars. 

– Quick access storage drawer located under one side shelf. 

– Side burner included for use when grilling larger items. 

– Large stainless steel front locking wheels for easy mobility.

– Heavy duty side shelves made out of durable stainless steel.

– Chimney style elevated grill rack to allow hot air.


– Chimney style elevated grill rack to allow hot air to circulate below the grilling surface.

– Stainless steel Flavorizer bars in drip pan that distribute heat evenly across entire cooking surface, preventing flare ups.

– Heavy duty side shelves made out of durable stainless steel with built in bottle opener and utensil hooks on each side.

– Adjustable height aluminum legs with plastic caps for easy height adjustment.

– Large stainless steel front locking wheels for easy mobility.

– Separate side burner and prep-surface shelf for prepping and/or warming up items before placing them on the grill.

– Stainless steel lid with built in bottle opener, dual thermometer and viewing window made of tempered glass.


– Many users agree that this grill works best when cooking smaller items. The primary reason is the lack of space between the burners and the grilling surface where larger food can get stuck or fall through while its being cooked.

– As for assembly, most users have no problems here except one or two who find that there are missing parts from their package to complete the process.

>>> This is truly one of the best 5 burner gas grills. It is recommended to both enthusiasts and novices.

5. Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 Brahma

Buy the best 5 burner gas grill to make your life easier. This Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 Brahma delivers 90, 000 BTUs and provides a generous cooking surface to help you make the most of your outdoor cooking. Measuring 38L by 23W by 21H”, this drop-in grill can be placed wherever you have the ideal spot picked out. It’s been built with 16 Gauge, 304 brushed stainless steel–five 15, 000 BTU cast stainless steel burners with one 15, 000 BTU infrared back burner. Heavy duty thermometer mounted on a dual-line top hood with seamless welded edges. Stainless steel cooking grates provide a 760 square area for perfect grilling! All components are covered under warranty–a whole year to enjoy quality time outdoors without worrying about repair.


– 90, 000 BTU’s of cooking power

– 5 Cast Stainless Steel Bar Burners for years of even heating and trouble free cooking

– 304 stainless Steel construction, a single piece dual lined Hood and solid stainless steel grates 

– You’ll have a lot more space to cook on. 

– Your food will be cooked evenly and quickly.


– The Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 Brahma is made of cast aluminum, which makes it both attractive to the eye but also durable enough to last for years.

– It is a one-of-a-kind product that can cook up to 8 whole chickens or 20 burgers at a time.

– It uses heat from charcoal and smoke from wood chunks to give food its original texture and taste.

 – It takes pressure off your oven at home because this device does double duty as an outdoor rotisserie too!

– Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 Brahma is very easy to use. You just have to add charcoal and wood chunks, set the food on the rotisserie rods, and turn on its switches. 

– It is not only easy to use but it also saves you time preparing ingredients for your dish. 

– Cleaning up is also hassle-free because all you need is a damp cloth to wipe off crumbs from its surface after cooking.


– In order to light any coals with this grill you have to turn up all four burners full blast, which makes the wind blow the heat all over the place and it takes a long time to get hot coals.

– There is no gas shut off valve or switch so watch for leaks.

>>> It is one of the big-sized best 5 burner gas grill found in the market.

6. Master Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grill

The best 5 burner gas grill is here! The Master Megamaster 720-0982 propane gas grill is your solution for those situations when you need to feed a lot of hungry people. It has 50,000 BTUs and the grilling space measures 656.38 sq. inches–making it possible to cook up all kinds of hearty, lip searing goodness in no time at all! The burners are powered by 40 lb. Liquid Propane Cylinders and we even include an electronic ignition so that it’s easy for anyone who has never started a grill before to fire it up and enjoy the feast inside. There’s also an upper level warming rack perfect for keeping foods warm until they’re ready to be served with fresh baked bread buns.


– Uses less fuel than any other comparable stove.

– Generates the most BTUs in its class.

– Stay warm during winter with this powerful unit.

– Quick start up time.

– Feel professional in your own kitchen.

– The durable cast iron cooking grates are easy to clean and maintain. 

– Comes with a variety of safety features including the “Stay Cool” handle.


– This gas grill features porcelain-coated grates that are simple to maintain and can simply be washed with soap and water.

– It features a metal construction that is both sturdy and durable. 

– It’s also designed with rust-resistant components, so you can know this propane gas grill will be there for you for years to come.

– The Master Megamaster 720-0982 propane gas grill features a limited warranty for parts and labor, which is proof of its sturdiness.

– The ignition system uses an electronic Piezo Ignition System to ensure it heats up quickly and easily.

– It can be connected to a natural gas line so you can cook away without running out of fuel.

– The Master Megamaster 720-0982 propane gas grill has several high-end features yet it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like some other models do.

– This unit also comes with two stainless steel grids which can be adjusted up to five different heights so you can control the level of heat.


– The grates are not heavy enough to stay in place when moving the grill around.

>>> Overall, we believe this is one the best 5 burner gas grills in terms of value on our list. In other words, you get a lot for what you pay.

7. Cuisinart CGG-8500 Side Five Burner Gas Grill

This Cuisinart CGG-8500 Side Five Burner Gas Grill offers 50,000 BTUs of cooking power spread evenly across the 460 square inch cast iron cooking surface. There is also an additional side burner that provides 12,000 BTUs and is great for stews, corn, clams and more. Not to mention it has a warming rack above the cooking surface providing 202 square inches of space! The Cuisinart 5-Burner Gas Grill will provide you with years of grilling experience. This unit’s reliable twist-to-start ignition lets you start up your grill no problem at all time after time without worry about oiling it first or coordinating any charcoal timing. This is the best 5 burner gas grill has everything you need to get the job done right.


– Cooking power is increased by 50,000 BTUs.

– Cooks food faster and more evenly than a traditional stove.

– Uses less gas or electricity than a standard oven.

– The cooking space is an additional 460 square inches, be able to cook different dishes simultaneously on the same grill.

– 3 different burners for a variety of cooking needs. 

– Heavy duty cast iron cooking grates are easy to clean and last a lifetime. 

– Two 18″ x 13″ side tables provide space for food prep while grilling. 


– Two heavy duty stainless side shelves for extra storage space. 

– Locking casters with the ability to easily roll around your deck or patio. 

– The front mounted temperature gauge is easy to read and makes it easier for you to monitor the heat of your grill. 

– The stainless steel control knobs are specialized with a thermal-resistant design which is great if you love using this grill during cold weather. 

– The three stainless steel tube burners come in handy especially when you’re cooking something that requires high heat levels, 

– Its porcelain cast iron grate is rust resistant and also very easy to clean by just scraping off any residue left behind after each use.

– It comes with a built-in warming rack which allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time.


– Some have complained about the grill being difficult to assemble. It is advisable to have someone assist you when assembling it so as to avoid any mishaps.

>>> Thanks for checking out our picks for the best 5 burner gas grill.

Buying Guides on The Best 5 Burner Gas Grill

What Is A Gas Grill?

A gas grill is a powerful type of grill that works by using propane tanks or natural gas to heat up its metal grates so you can sear your food on it with delicious caramelized crusts. Most of these grills also come with controls so you can easily set the right temperature for the job at hand without having too much trouble. This allows you to slowly cook certain types of meat like beef briskets or pork shoulders while applying heat directly to the surface of your choice to get that nice crisp texture. You can make exceptional grilled and BBQ dishes with one of the best 5 burner gas grills.

Types Of Gas Grills

Gas grills are very common and easy to use. You can cook a variety of food with them such as steak, chicken, burgers and even vegetables. They don’t give off any open flames; however they do produce smoke which will leave your house smelling like food for days after cooking if proper precautions aren’t taken. There are many different brands and styles on the market, but most fall into two categories: liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG).

Liquid Propane Gas (LP) Grills

Propane is a liquid when stored under pressure in the tank. It escapes from the tank as a gas when it’s needed by entering the burner tube at high speeds through small holes in metal valves called ‘control needles’. The control needles are powered by electricity or a piezo-electric spark. The propane mixes with air in the grill’s base and burns.

A regulator connected to the LP tank ensures that the pressure of gas leaving the tank is consistent, usually between 11 and 17 PSI (pounds per square inch) though some grills have regulators that can allow for higher pressures if desired. Higher pressure reduces cooking time but increases flare-ups which can char food quickly. Higher PSI also causes you to use more gas since it shoots out at high speeds from the control needle valves. When no food is present, you should turn your burners down to low so only a small flame comes out or they can shoot out several feet into the air – posing a burn hazard to you and your grill.

Natural Gas Grills

Unlike propane, which has a strong smell that may not be desirable when cooking near your house, natural gas is odorless making it safer for indoor use. Natural gas comes from underground reserves of methane and is ‘dry’. That means there’s no water in it so when you pressurize it with a pump on the tank, each cubic foot holds roughly 105 cubic feet of gas. This results in more efficient fuel usage since liquids don’t expand when heated and instead take up more space as they turn into a vapor or gas. Some grills have two tanks – one small tank just for initial lighting at startup and another larger tank for during cooking. Other models only have one tank and burn off gas when not in use so it doesn’t go to waste.

How Do Gas Grills Operate?

The principles behind gas grilling are simple. A gas grill contains three basic parts: an ignition system, propane tanks and burners. The ignition system starts the burners with an electrical spark while the propane tank supplies fuel to the burners. The burner’s heat turns the food into cooked meals you can enjoy! There is still some confusion about what happens in these components that causes your food to be tasty. Incredible construction is always at the top when you search for the best 5 burner gas grill.

But first, you have to light it up — literally! A gas grill requires the user to hook up a propane tank full of pressurized fuel before using it. When pushing the ignition switch, an electrical spark is sent through two copper coils on either side of the burner tube. This causes them to heat up and grow white hot in just 500 milliseconds. As these burners get hotter, they begin producing three types of flames: one for searing at 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 Celsius), another for cooking at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 Celsius) and finally one for warming your food at 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79 Celsius).

Since this process happens so quickly, most people do not realize that there is no actual flame involved in a gas grill. The burners heat up so fast and hot that the propane vapors ignite themselves immediately after being exposed to the heat source. It is the heat from these burners that cooks your meat, not some imaginary flame! In this process there are three ways that gas grills vary as to what they cook your food with: infrared, convection or conduction.

Infrared grilling occurs when you have a burner beneath the actual food grate. Infrared cooking heats your meal by radiating intense waves of heat directly onto its surface. This method does not require any preheating and can be very dangerous due to how quickly it heats up the metal under your food. Convection heating happens when either all or some burners blow hot air onto your food by using either holes in the firebox or a fan to force it. Conduction occurs when heat is focused under one area of the grill, usually where the flame meets the metal, causing it to warm up and cook whatever is resting on top of it.

Which method each gas grill uses depends on its overall design. Over 90% of gas grills use a combination of methods. These factors can also be affected by the type and amount of food you are cooking as well as the temperature setting. Each step in this process is necessary for your grill to work correctly, so try not to skip them! Cooking over a lit burner causes heat to spread from one side of the grill surface to another, slowly cooking your meal from top to bottom. Once you turn off the burners, that side will begin losing heat along with any leftover food sitting on it. In order for it all to stay hot, the best option is to let your cooked food rest right above those glowing red coils until you’re ready to eat.

The mechanics behind a gas grill may seem simple, but they are very effective! By knowing how gas grills operate, you can create the perfect meal for your next backyard barbecue. So when cooking with one, remember these three important steps: prepare, ignite and go!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gas Grills

The gas grill is one of the most popular cooking methods, and for good reason. They are easy to use, do not require as much supervision as charcoal grills so people can prepare other parts of their meal while it cooks, and there are many different kinds of foods that taste great when cooked on a gas grill. Although they cost more than other options, they will typically last longer than electric or charcoal grills due to the fact that they are better made, so you can get your money’s worth out of it in the long run. Even though we were looking for the best 5 burner gas grill, quality and durability were still high on our list of expectations.

There are several advantages associated with utilizing a Gas grill . These appliances produce high levels of heat which allows food to be seared quickly at temperatures between 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The use of direct heat also helps food retain more moisture and flavor than traditional grilling techniques such as smoking and roasting. The high levels of heat produce from gas grills often results in the creation of flavorful surface deposits called “Maillard reactions,” which can add a rich depth of flavor to meat when properly caramelized.

In addition, Gas grills are widely available in many models that come equipped with features that add convenience and ease when preparing meals. For example, some grills have electronic ignition systems for easier startup while others feature removable propane tanks for increased portability . Other common grill amenities include built-in thermometers, temperature controls, thermostat-driven fans or vents , side burners, and rotisserie attachments. These features increase the overall value of a gas grill and allows users to prepare a wider variety of foods than other grilling appliances. The best 5 burner gas grills are the ultimate in outdoor cooking.

Gas grills also reduce costs associated with running other kinds of grills such as charcoal . It is estimated that charcoal grills can cost up to $4.00 per hour to operate, whereas gas grills typically cost less than $1.50 per hour . This variable cost difference combined with their durability makes gas grills an effective appliance for frequent outdoor cooking needs such as tailgating , backyard barbecuing, and community events like block parties.

Along with these benefits, there are some disadvantages associated with utilizing a Gas grill: One disadvantage is the fact that the flavor of gas grill food is often not as good as charcoal . The reason for this is because most food cooked on a traditional, propane-fueled grill does not have “the taste of live fire”. It is mainly due to the fact that they are unable to achieve temperatures above 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This lack of heat prevents foods from getting the caramelization needed for rich flavors and creates less searing than other grilling appliances.

Another disadvantage is safety . Gas grills need to be monitored closely for leaks or any signs of malfunction, which can pose serious health risks if ignored. If using a gas grill outdoors, it should always be placed in an open area away from any structures or debris. Users should never use flammable liquids to start the grill, and should make sure it is used in a well circulated area exposed to fresh air to allow the propane tanks to vent properly.

For these reasons, gas grills are often considered more of an appliance than other grilling alternatives that require time and effort for food preparation. When choosing the best type of grill to use, customers will need to weigh their options based on what they value most about cooking outdoors (i.e., convenience, cost savings). Gas grills are suited best for individuals who prefer cooking indoors or simply desire less hands-on work when barbecuing. While real charcoal does give you better flavor, it’s only worth the trade off if your main priority is absolute taste. If you’re like most people, however, using a gas grill is an excellent choice for achieving great flavor at relatively low cost.

How To Use A Gas Grill?

– Prepare all your food before you start the grill. You should also get any tools that you’ll need for turning or removing items from the grill ready too. This way, there’s no stopping the flow of food coming off the grill while you search around for a utensil.

– Turn all the burners to medium before you start cooking so the grill gets up to the right temperature. Once it’s ready, adjust any of them that are too hot or cold.

– Make sure there’s a drip pan under your grill grate to catch grease and fluid from dripping food items. If you don’t have one, placing aluminum foil on the bottom of your grill works just as well and is much easier than cleaning after each use.

– Always leave the lid open when preparing food in advance like vegetables, kebabs or fish fillets; otherwise they won’t cook properly.

– Clean your grates by using a brush while the grill is still warm after cooking is complete. Once they’re cool, you can use a sponge with some dishwashing liquid to remove any stubborn residue that’s left behind. Even the best 5 burner gas grill need to be looked after properly, just like other expensive grills.

– Make sure your gas tank hose isn’t dripping before you connect it to the grill or you’ll end up with propane all over your backyard. If there is leaking, tighten the coupling until it stops; otherwise replace the fuel line if needed.

– Dispose of any old or leaky propane tanks by taking them back to where you bought them for disposal or recycling.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Using 5 Burner Gas Grill?

When it comes to cooking food on a gas grill, there are a few common mistakes that people make. In this article, we will discuss the most common mistakes made when using a 5 burner gas grill and how to avoid them.

One of the most common mistakes is not preheating the grill enough. This can result in food that is not cooked evenly or that is overcooked. To avoid this, be sure to preheat your grill for at least 10 minutes before cooking.

Another common mistake is using too much or too little fuel. If you use too much fuel, your grill will be too hot and the food will cook too quickly. If you use too little fuel, the grill will not get hot enough and the food will not cook properly. To find the right fuel level, experiment a little until you find the right setting for your grill.

Another mistake people often make is cooking food on the wrong part of the grill. The direct heat from the burners is the hottest and will result in food that is cooked quickly. The indirect heat from the sides of the grill is cooler and will result in food that is cooked more slowly. Be sure to place your food on the correct side of the grill so that it cooks evenly.

Finally, one of the most common mistakes people make when using a gas grill is not cleaning it properly. This can lead to buildup on the grates that can cause food to taste bad or even be dangerous to eat. Be sure to clean your grill after each use to avoid this problem.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your food is cooked evenly and properly every time you use your gas grill.

FAQs about The Best 5 Burner Gas Grill

What is a gas grill made of?

In this section, we will go through everything you need to know to make sure you get the best 5 burner gas grill.

A standing metal frame, usually steel or stainless steel. The frame holds one or more heating devices inside. The heating device is attached to one end of a flexible hose that lies near the bottom of the grill. This hose carries two-way flow between the propane tank and heating device.  Air enters the bottom of the grill and flows over a heat diffuser plate which spreads the heat evenly throughout the grill. If you’re searching for the best 5 burner gas grill do not get something that is made from cheap materials.

What Does A Gas Grill Do?

A gas grill is considered a modern and effective type of outdoor cooker, which provides you with a lot of benefits like: – Quick and easy way to start cooking food immediately – Produces delicious caramelized crusts on the exterior of your meat for great flavor – Allows you to cook many different types of foods such as vegetables, steak , pork chops, hamburgers and more! – Large grilling spaces allows you to cook enough food for at least four people without having too much trouble – Provides heat directly onto surfaces of various sizes so if you’re doing steaks or chicken breast then there’s no problem; you’ll get tasty and moist meat – Many models of gas grills come with side burners so you can also cook sauces and side dishes at the same time! The best 5 burner gas grill should last for long years, and be repairable if necessary.

How long can you keep food on the grill?

You should not leave food or any other item on a hot grill or burner for an extended period of time as this could cause damage to your equipment and possibly yourself. Leaving items such as tongs, meat forks, etc. on a hot grill can also cause damage to those tools. It is best to clean your grate after each use so that there will be less build-up later on and reduce chances of flaring due to excess grease accumulation. There is no set time limit for how long you can leave things on your grill but it is advisable to try and remove items as soon as possible or right after cooking.

How do I light my gas grill?

When trying to light your grill with a match or lighter, always make sure that you are standing to the side of the grill when lighting, not facing it. This ensures that if there is a gas leak, the flame will not come back on you. Also, hold the match or lighter near to the burner but not touching it. You should see a small blue flame emerge from your burner after about 5 seconds. If the gas does not light within 10-15 minutes, turn off all of your burners and move your grill somewhere else away from other sources of ignition (such as cars, grills, etc.).

What safety precautions should I take while cooking?

Always keep children and pets out of reach so they don’t get burned by any spills dropped food items while cooking. If you are cooking with hot grease or oil, make sure that it is deep enough in the pan to not spill over; try not to cook directly over the surface of your grill. Keep flammable materials well away from both your stove and BBQ. Never leave your grill unattended while cooking — someone could get burned by unexpectedly turning on a burner or opening the lid when something catches fire (this happens more frequently than you might think).

Can you put foil on the bottom of the grill grate?

No, putting foil on the bottom of your grate is a big no-no and should never be done. Foil can be very dangerous to use on a grill because if it gets too hot, it will start to melt and may cause a grease fire. If you absolutely have to use foil for anything then make sure that there isn’t any residual moisture from whatever you are grilling before placing them under the heat source. If using aluminum foil, make sure that you crumple up balls of tinfoil to place your items onto so that air can still circulate between the food and aluminum which will help cook things properly.

Why am I getting so much smoke from my grill?

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing a lot of smoke coming from your grill so lets go over them:

– Food Items – If you have a piece of food stuck onto your cooking grate, then it will probably cause a lot of smoke when the grease dripping off of that item hits the flames. The amount of smoke caused by this method is usually minimal but if you never clean your grates then that might why there is more buildup on it which can lead to more smoky situations. You should brush or scrub off any excess food particles from the surface before placing things under the heat source again.

– Grease Buildup – If you have too much grease build up on your cooking grate then some parts become overheated causing excess smoking. If you have any rust spots then that will also cause excess smoke due to the high temperature of the metal. You should always clean your grill after each use or at least try to keep up with the cleaning before it builds up too much.

– Burners – It is possible that some parts of your burners are clogged by food particles or excess grease which affects how efficiently they can transfer heat. A good way to check for this possibility is by lighting your burners, putting them on high and setting a match next to one of the side vents. If there is enough updraft present, then all flames should touch down below where your food would be placed but if you notice some flames not touching down then chances are some part is clogged. This is easily fixed by using a wire brush or cleaning utensil to clean away any buildup in that area which will improve flow of air and keep your flame touching down where your food would be placed.

Why does everything stick when I grill it?

This usually happens for one of three reasons:

– Food Items – Olive oil, butter, lard, etc are all fine to use but its important to remember that you should coat them onto your cooking grate just before placing the meat onto it so that they don’t sit on the surface too long without being absorbed into the metal. If these oils are left out for too long then they will burn off at higher temperatures leaving nothing behind except for smoke since they will not vaporize like when they are in liquid form or they will burn off before the meat even touches the surface (That is why it is important to always put your food onto the cooking grate when its ready to be used).

– Temperature – If you are using a low setting on your grill then that might cause some problems with the food items moving around too much and not being cooked evenly. You should try turning up the heat so that it cooks faster but don’t let it get too hot since there is such thing as burning your food for taking things to far. 

– Skewers – If you are using skewers then make sure that they are wide enough to keep larger pieces of meat from falling through! Also, try rotating them every few minutes or so to ensure that everything cooks evenly and try not to crowd your skewers with too much meat at once since you don’t want things to freeze together.

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