Top 9 Best Gas Grills Under $500 – Best Options to Buy

Top 9 best gas grills under $500 review

Top 9 best gas grills under $500 reviewed in detail

Are you in the market for a new gas grill but want to avoid spending over $500? This blog post will help guide you to some of the best gas grills under $500. Gas grills are great because they are quick and easy to use, so if you’re tired of cooking food on your dirty old charcoal grill, it might be time for an upgrade! The prices below may change depending on where you live, but this should give you an idea of what’s out there.

Here, the best gas grills under $500. Keep reading!

Top 9 best gas grills under $500

1. Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill

The Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Gas Grill is the benchmark of performance & quality for all gas grills. It has professional features like stainless steel burners, cast iron cooking grates, and porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars that let you enjoy an ideal grill experience year-round. The integrated front table adds another level to outdoor entertaining making this full-sized gas grill with a small footprint at home in any outdoor space. If you want the very best gas grills under $500, there’s no argument the Weber Q3200 is the way to go.


– Cooks food faster and more evenly than charcoal or propane grills.

– Cast aluminum lid and body will not rust or peel like steel lids. 

– Porcelain-enameled cooking grates are easy to clean and won’t scratch the grill surface. 

– Guarantee your BBQ will always go off without a hitch.

– Save money on gas with the optional LP tank.

– Easy assembly, no tools required. 

– Easy to start and operate 

– Simple to use for beginners and experts alike.


– The Weber Q 3200 features an enameled cast-iron cooking grate that is very easy to clean and provides great heat distribution that helps seal in the juices of food when cooking.

– The 360-square inch total cooking area makes it big enough for both small and large parties.

– The grill features the popular Weber Q 3200 gas grill design that customers love, plus it is easy to use and provide great tasting results.

– This grill provides a good amount of heat for very fast cooking times on even the largest foods.

– The built-in thermometer helps control the temperature more accurately than other grills that are more expensive.


– It is a large item which can be difficult to handle when it comes time to take it out of the box and assemble, but once assembled properly, it is very durable

– Assembly takes hours so you need to plan ahead if you want this grill set up before cooking can take place during a barbecue party.

>>> It is one of the big-sized best gas grills under $500 found in the market.

2. Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill

Here comes the gas grill by Blackstone in our list for the best gas grills under $500. The Blackstone 1554 Cooks 4 Burner Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill is the perfect outdoor cooking machine. This grill features stainless steel construction, four durable tempered glass gas burners, drip pan/drainage tool accessories and quadshield system for heat insulation. The easy push button ignition brings this product to life with just the push of a button. Don’t waste time grinding down hardwood logs or tramping around the backyard looking for fire starters; purchase this high-quality cookout device that promises years of enjoyment by eliminating unprofessional outdoor cooking! Stop struggling on days that you would rather be outside enjoying your new found freedom from cumbersome charcoal grills and crank box BBQ’s by investing in quality American made BBQ griddles like this one.


– Easily assemble your grill in under 10 minutes. 

– Grill up to 1,000 pounds of food at a time. 

– Cook with ease and efficiency.

– Save time and effort by cooking on a griddle. 

– Cook with ease, no more charcoal or kerosene. 

– Enjoy more space to cook with 720 sq inches of grilling surface.

– Give your kitchen a new look with this sleek and modern design.

– Convenient storage for propane tank.

– Grill your food to perfection with four independently controlled burners.


– Space is not an issue with the Blackstone cooker since its well designed and just right for any backyard or patio.

– It can easily be disassembled and stored away making room for other stuff outside if needed during the winter months.

– The flat top grilling area is large enough to cook plenty of food at one time, perfect for family gatherings and parties too!

– I absolutely love how the grill functions quietly without making much noise.

– It’s also great that it doesn’t waste much fuel.

– No more guesswork as far as temperature gauge goes because it’s built in.

– Simple push-button ignition makes this gas grill a breeze to use.


– The assembly was not difficult but there were few times where parts didn’t line up perfectly causing some minor re-working here and there before final assembly. 

– The wheels are made out of steel so they rust easily if you live in salt air climate.

>>> Overall, we believe this is one the best gas grills under $500 in terms of value on our list.

3. Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

The Weber GS4 Grilling System is the perfect go-to for backyard grilling. With its innovative design, you’ll be able to focus on what it’s all about – slow cooking smoking meat at a temperature between 225°F to 250°F with no flare-ups. Two Weber gas grill burners power this heavy duty grill that has three stainless steel gas stainless steel side shelves and an integrated smoker box for adding delicious flavor before food even cooks! Want dishes that are grilled evenly? Not a problem! This sturdy back yard cookstation comes equipped with four wire telescoping rods so each dish will have the same amount of heat every time. Therefore, we’ve got you this two-burner Weber GS4 gas grill in our picks for the best gas grills under $500.


– Cook more food at once with the two cooking grates. 

– Grill for a longer period of time without refueling. 

– Get your family and friends together for barbecues, tailgating, or any other event that calls for some grilled meat and veggies.

– Easy to use and clean.

– Powerful grilling system.

– Grill with confidence, knowing your grill is always ready.

– Fuel gauge to monitor your cooking time and fuel usage. 

– Porcelain enameled cooking grates for easy cleanup.

– Cooks evenly and quickly.


– The grill comes with a cover, which makes it easier to store this grill during the wintertime. It will save you money on purchasing another grill for just those few months out of the year.

– The Spirit II E-210 comes with a cover and instructions on how to assemble it. It’s more convenient than some other grills of its size, which require two people for assembly and disassembly.

– Weber provides a warranty for this product so you can feel confident when buying it online without physically seeing it first hand.

-This is one of the most attractive grills for sale. It has a sleek design and the metal is black powder coated, so it won’t rust.

– This grill functions like most of its competition in that it uses two burners to let you control the amount of heat at each burner. You’ll get about 20,000 BTUs on high with 10,000 BTUs on low.

– The Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210 is small enough to be stored under a picnic table during the winter. It’s also light enough at 45 pounds that most people can move it around with ease.

– This compact grill has an easy-to-read fuel gauge on top of one burner that lets you know when your gas level is low so you can refill it in time before running out completely. It’s conveniently placed to be accessible when you’re grilling.

– The grill has porcelainized cast iron heat plates that can help sear in the flavor of your food for more delicious meals. It also retains heat well so you won’t have to deal with cool spots on your barbecued meat.

– The Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210 is easy to clean, which makes it ideal for people who don’t want much hassle when preparing food.


– It doesn’t have a side burner, so you’ll need additional accessories if you plan to cook anything that needs that extra heat source (like corn).

– One complaint consumers noted about this particular model is that they had trouble lighting one of the burners during their initial start-up.

>>> This product also holds its own in the list of best gas grills under $500.

4. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill, True Seasoned Griddle Surface

The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is the ultimate in cooking versatility. Arriving in fully assembled pieces, you’ll find a quality grill with a built-in griddle surface that can cook anything from breakfast to roast beef sandwiches for lunch. Preparing fast food at home remains an ideal vacation strategy when you get hungry and don’t want to wait long days of planning out every meal–or dealing with shady international cuisine restaurants abroad. And for those who love camping or hiking, your new grill also doubles as a stove! The clean lines and stainless steel enameled exterior make it easy to maintain outside kitchens too. This is truly one of the best gas grills under $500. It is recommended to both enthusiasts and novices.


– The grease management system makes it easy to clean your grill and keep it running smoothly.

– Handles high volume cooking tasks easily. 

– Easy to clean up after cooking. 

– Get the perfect sear on your meat every time you cook with this griddle & grill grate set.

– The griddle surface is large enough to cook for a crowd. 

– The adjustable leg levers allow you to level the unit on any type of ground. 

– Folds for easy storage and transport. 

– Two shelves provide plenty of space to hold pots, pans, utensils, spices or anything else you need.

– Makes you look like a professional chef in your own kitchen. 

– Cooks food evenly and quickly.


– The Flat Top Grill by Camp Chef is a large cooking surface that has an impressive coating, which results in a high heating performance. The food cooks fast and evenly because the heat passes through without leaving any cold spots behind.

– The flat top grill lets you cook to your hearts content with it’s generous cooking area.

– The unit itself is also quite durable due to it’s metal construction and weighs about 50 pounds when empty. This makes it heavy enough that it should stay in one place while you’re cooking but not so heavy that it is difficult to move around at all.

– The Flat Top Grill also folds up easily for storage or transport in a car trunk. It can be stored almost anywhere without taking too much space.

– When not in use, the two side tables fold down to make room for the legs which are even more convenient than they sound. You can simply fold them flat against the body of the grill so they don’t obstruct your cooking area at all.

– The electric heating element of the flat top grill by Camp Chef has a temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which means it can get more than hot enough for searing meats and doing dishes like pancakes, bacon, or eggs on it’s large cooking area.

– The flat top also comes with an easy ignition for lighting the grill on fire without having to search for matches every time you want to use it. Just press the button on the side of the control panel and it will quickly heat up so you can begin cooking in no time at all.

– This unit does not come with any accessories but they can be purchased separately including propane tanks if you prefer them over electricity so there are options available depending on your needs.


– This unit does not come with any accessories but they can be purchased separately including propane tanks if you prefer them over electricity so there are options available depending on your needs.

– Though it is durable and sturdy, it is still made out of metal, which means that care must be taken while transporting the grill in order to protect the finish and coating, so it doesn’t get marred or scratched.

>>> Read on for our best gas grills under $500.

5. Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

The Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 is the product to turn up your family dinners. The open cart allows you to keep cooking equipment close by while searing steaks on one side and grilling appetizers on the other in the spacious grill space. This three burner gas grill is equipped with GS4 grilling system designed for simplicity in setup, use, and cleanup so that all you have to do is enjoy your meal! Dimensions: 4.5″ Lid Closed(inches) 52″ x 27″. The durable product is indeed well claiming its authority among many best gas grills under $500.


– Cook more food at once with 529 square inches of cooking space. 

– The Glamorizer bars make your food look like it came from the best restaurant in town.

– Improved design and efficiency.

– Heavy duty construction for a long lasting product. 

– Make the most of your grilling experience with this grill, and never worry about it breaking down on you again!

– High-efficiency burners for less fuel consumption.

– Built in lid thermometer so you know the temperature of your grill is correct.


– The 3 burners with sealed burners provide 30,000 BTU/hr of power.

– Made with the ceramic briquettes and enameled firebox, these material makes it easier to clean and maintain after use.

– It also comes with a flavorizer bar that allows the juices and fat drip down without catching on fire.

– Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 is easy to assemble and heat evenly quickly. The lid has a thermometer where you can check your food or grill’s temperature easily without opening it for an unnecessary amount of time.

– The fuel gauge tells you how much propane tank left so you’ll know to change out your propane tank.

– It has a 529 sq inch grilling space which provides enough space to cook for your family and friends. Plus, you can add the side burner to grill other items while cooking main dish on the main rack.

– Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 is also very portable that comes with 4 wheels for easy mobility and storage after use. The design of this unit adds an elegant touch to any back yard or patio area.


– Lightweight Cooking Grate – Some people complain about excessive heat coming up through the grates and damaging the food, especially when using it at high temperatures. It has been suggested to place a baking sheet or similar flat tray underneath the grates to minimize this problem.

– Exposed Hose and Clips – Since there is no cover for the propane hose and regulator, it’s easy for someone to accidentally knock them over and damage or disconnect them.

>>> All in all, this is truly one of the best gas grills under $500.

6. Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 Gas Grill | Liquid Propane, 2-Burner

Coming in 6th of our list of best gas grills under $500 is the Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 gas grill – This is perfect for those who value flavor and conscientious cooking. With features such as porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates which retain even heat you’re guaranteed the best tasting food. The convenient grease management system takes the hassle out of cooking—leaving your home neat and clean! You won’t want to cook indoors again with this Spirit E-210 grill – it’s designed to be used on a small patio or balcony and fit perfectly in smaller spaces.


– Durable, high quality materials and will last for years.

– Grill is easy to assemble.

– You’ll be able to cook like a professional chef with the Weber Spirit E210.

– Cook a variety of foods on one grill, you’ll be able to cook your food evenly and quickly. 

– Built to last with heavy duty, porcelain-enameled lid and cook box that will not rust or peel over time. 

– Low maintenance and easy to clean grease management system.


– Durable cast aluminum lid which attaches back with three stainless steel locking handles along with two built-in work areas just under the cookbox.

– Enhanced cooking surface is very useful in high heat grilling conditions.

– Side burner comes with stainless steel material which offers more durability and requires less maintenance over time.

– Flavorizer bars within the primary cooking area provide added protection against flare ups, plus additional heat for better searing of food.

– The grill holds two side tables that are sturdy enough to use for prep work or to rest plates.

– 10,000 BTU stainless steel gas side burner with regulator and hose included for propane (LP) fuel type.


– This grill is also made out of steel and therefore is very heavy, making it difficult for most people to move around on their own.

– This grill is not easy to assemble without help from another person since it takes two people (most grills only take one) to hold the grill frame in place while the screws are placed to secure it.

>>> Do your friends also need a cheap gas grill or some best gas grills under $500? You can share this guide with them as well.

7. Char-Broil 463377319 Performance 4-Burner Cart Style Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Performance Stainless Steel 4-burner gas grill delivers 36,000 BTU’s of heat across the 425 square inch cooking surface, to accommodate large-sized meals the whole family will enjoy. Because your time with family and friends is precious, this unit features porcelain-coated cast iron grates that are rust resistant and easy to clean. With a primary cooking area measuring 23-inches wide by 18.5 inches deep and an overall size of 50.4 inches wide x 24.5 inches deep x 45-inches high, you can cook for everyone with utmost efficiency in a sleek package too beautiful not to show off! The Char-Broil Performance Stainless Steel 4-burner is easily one of the best gas grills under $500.


– The stainless steel finish is durable, stylish and easy to clean

– No need to worry about gas running out in the middle of cooking. 

– Tailor your grilling experience with a 10, 000 BTU side burner.

– The reliable electric ignition will fire up your grill. 

– You’ll enjoy cooking on a grill that has an easy to use side burner.

– The cast iron grates are made to last and won’t rust, so you can cook your favorite dishes time and again.

– Cook with confidence, knowing that the grease pan won’t rust or burn.

– Spend less time scrubbing and more time cooking delicious meals for friends and family.


– You can easily control the temperature by adjusting the burner settings – high setting will do best for searing while low setting works great to slowly cook something at no risk of burning it.

– Built-in thermometer – this is very useful for knowing when the grill has reached a certain temperature before putting your food on it, preventing a lot of burnt/raw batches of meats and veggies.

– Comes with a decent sized catch pan under the burners for catching grease/fat – this is very important especially when cooking meats which will release these elements into your grill.

– Extremely wide grilling surface – at 425 square inches there’s a lot of room to cook on even for a large group.  Easily enough even to cook a couple beers can chickens or slabs of ribs without having to worry about crowding them onto the grate.

– Liquid propane burner is very convenient.  The best part about this model is that it uses liquid propane fuel instead of natural gas for its burners.

 – Stainless steel blades distribute heat evenly.  One thing to note about stainless steel blades is that they conduct heat very well, so even though the grill itself may not get incredibly hot, you will find that your food becomes evenly cooked throughout the entire surface.


– Assembly can take much longer than one hour depending on your skills and experience level.

– The grease catcher is too small for most people’s preference. While it comes with a bigger size than many other models, people have still reported needing to check their grease trays more frequently than they would like.

>>> Overall, we believe that this is one of the best gas grills under $500 in terms of looks on our list. We love the sleek black look with the steel accents.

8. Monument Grills 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

The Monument Grills 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill has a 683 sq. inch grilling area, perfect for cooking up delicious meals for everyone in the family. This propane gas grill fits perfectly on your deck or patio to make it easy during those hot summer days. 304 grade stainless steel, which is one of the highest grades, prevents corrosion and will last a long time–paint with porcelain coated cast iron grates are designed for even heating to prevent burnt spots on chicken or steak. Finally with two stainless steel doors that open to a cabinet complete this unit is an attractive addition to any patio/deck, plus includes space inside for storing your tank! Get cooking now–don’t miss out!

That sense of security, along with the quality and features of this grill, makes the Monument Grills 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill the best gas grills under $500.


– Stainless steel burners are easy to clean and maintain.

– The cast iron cooking grates are durable and easy to clean. 

– Cook with the power of 60,000 BTUs. 

– Large cooking area offers plenty of grilling space. 

– Easier to use than a traditional smoker. 

– More even heat for great flavors. 

– The stainless steel construction offers durability. 


– It is simple to use. Just fill the propane tank, turn it on, light the burners with match or lighter, select heat settings with dials on front of the grill and push flames button out.

– It doesn’t rust easily like other grills I’ve had in the past.

– The food cooks evenly without any cold spots because the 4 stainless steel burners are set far apart from each other.

– Cleaning this grill is easy because of its porcelain coated cast-iron cooking grates and aluminum grease cup with removable ash catcher pan. Just give it a quick wipe down after use. 

– This grill doesn’t produce too much smoke either, which is great if you live in an apartment or have neighbors below you who may be bothered by the smell of burnt food.

– The heating element is sealed by ceramic briquettes, which do an awesome job keeping heat in and burning off drippings so your cooking surface and food remain clean and free from grease spots!

– This grill comes with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction with how it functions for several years after purchasing it.

– The cart it comes with is strong and sturdy enough to hold this grill.


– The complete grill weighs around 363 pounds which is incredibly heavy when compared with other brands. This makes it extremely hard for anyone without much strength to put together.

– The stainless steel grates are difficult to clean: This is a major drawback because you may find it hard to clean the grills every time after use. While cleaning, you might have to deal with scratches and other sorts of wear and tear that will ultimately leave the grill looking old over time.

>>> As the budget plan is always a concern, we are right here to learn Best Gas Grills Under $500.

9. Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Propane Gas Grill

This is truly one of the best gas grills under $500. The Fuego Grill is a new model on the market, which features an easy to clean drop through residue removal system that allows for grease to drop straight through to the convenient tray. With this new feature, you can go from cooking vegetables directly on the grate up top or turning them over with our handy “flip” side trays without any of it falling back onto your beautifully cooked food. The unit also offers dual zone burner technology so you can cook at different temperatures at once on one grill. Additionally, there is no flare-ups while using this gas grill thanks in part to Porcelain Enamel Lid, which eliminates peeling of paint and bubbling due to high heat exposure. We have even upgraded our product with 346 sq.


– The lid will never peel or bubble again. 

– Cleaning is a breeze with the drop through system. 

– You can grill faster and hotter than ever before.

– It’s easy to assemble in less than 30 minutes so you’ll be able to use it right away!

– It’s easy to assemble and maintain. 

– Never have to deal with the hassle of charcoal again. 

– Cook your favorite dishes on a grill that looks good too!

– Grates are cast iron, which retains heat and distributes it evenly for better cooking.

– The griddle and pizza stone kit make this grill the perfect choice for a small patio or balcony.


– The sleek design of the Fuego Element F21C-H gives it a desirable look.

– The double side shelves make storage easier, while the door looks stylish and is practical. 

– It has an upper rack which makes it easy for users to put more food on top without having to open the lid or move anything around.

– The grill’s cooking system is also efficient, as it uses lava rocks to lock in heat faster and maintain that level of heat throughout grilling time.

– The product comes with an excellent warranty, detailing all parts are covered for 2 years after purchase, while burners are covered for 4 years. This ensures peace of mind for users.


– The size of this grill can also be uncomfortable for some people, although it is still small enough to be perfect for gatherings inside or outside the house.

>>> Thanks for checking out our picks for the best gas grills under $500.

Buying Guides on The Best Gas Grills Under $500

What is Gas Grills?

Gas grills are one of the newest additions to the grill family, with an emphasis on new. So if you’re wondering what is a gas grill, it’s exactly that – just a grill that uses propane or natural gas as its heat source instead of charcoal. This means you have some added conveniences over traditional grilling methods, like the fact that you don’t need to wait for a grill to heat up and your food won’t taste like smoke (or charcoal).

The heat source is also more predictable than with wood, charcoal or even propane alone. This makes them great for beginners or people who might be hesitant about trying gas grills because they aren’t confident in their ability to light and maintain a fire. Gas grills also heat up quickly and stay hot for as long as you need them, meaning that once your preheated grill is ready, it will be at the right temperature until you’re done cooking (or if you don’t use it for a few hours).

The one major drawback of gas grills is that they aren’t really capable of imparting those wonderful, smoky flavors that make some foods taste so good. If this is what you’re looking for in a grill, there are some ways to get around this – like using wood chips or chunks on top of your coals/gas burners – but even then the flavor won’t be exactly the same.

In this section, we will go through everything you need to know to make sure you get the best gas grill under $500.

What Are the Different Types of Gas Grills?

There are many different types of gas grills out there and it can be quite confusing to figure out how they compare to each other.

Here’s a brief description of the most popular types:

Top Grid Gas Grill

This is probably the most common type of grill. It has a lid and underneath this lid there is usually 2 burners which supply heat to the bottom and middle section (if any) of the grill. On top, there’s one or two burners that supply heat to the cooking grates directly above them. The best known models in this category are Weber Genesis Silver A & B, Napoleon Rogue 600, Ducane Affinity 3100/3200 series, Broil King Select 6000 series (and similar models). These are all great grills but they have one notable disadvantage. While the lid remains cool enough to touch, the back wall can become quite hot during operation. If you plan to use this type of grill on a wooden deck I suggest installing some form of protection between it and the combustible surface. Many people choose to install something like Grillguard for this reason (Grillguard is an aluminium plate that attaches directly to the back wall of the grill. It also comes with some protective material that covers up part of each burner’s flame).

Two-Burner Gas Grill

Almost identical in function to top grid grills, these models typically have 2 burners which supply heat to both sections of the grill (bottom and middle). The main difference is that they usually don’t have a back wall and the burners are exposed on the sides. This grill type does not produce as much heat in the back of the grill but it also has less cooking space than top grid grills (since there’s no lid, you can never use all of the available area at once).

Another notable disadvantage is that when these grills get dirty (dirty burners), they tend to smoke more than top-grid models. Still, if you like direct heat and having control over multiple burners this is probably your best bet for a higher quality gas grill under $1000. A good example of this type of grill is Napoleon Rogue 400 or 500 series (there are some 500 series models with 3 burners but most of them are 2-burner grills).

Slim Jim/Slim Line Gas Grill

These unassuming rascals deliver great bang for the buck. Most models have only one burner which supplies heat to both sections of the grill (bottom & middle) and they tend to be very affordable. The lid is quite tall compared to the overall grill size, often coming up over your head when you’re standing near it. Since these grills are usually quite narrow, they don’t offer as much cooking space as top grid or two-burner models but they make up for it in portability and ease of use. If you want a reasonably priced gas grill that will not hog too much of your backyard this is it. There are lots of Slim Jim models out there but the most popular ones are probably Weber One Touch Silver/Gold series, Napoleon TravelQ 285 & 410 series, Santa Fe Spirit E-210 & S-330, Broil King Signet 20 series.

Incredible construction is always at the top when you search for the best gas grills under $500.

How To The Most From Your Portable Gas Grill

The portable gas grill is a great addition to any patio or backyard. It can be used for a variety of cooking – from grilling steak and burgers to fish, chicken, vegetables and shrimp. The following are some tips on how to use the grill, properly maintain it and what accessories you might want to purchase along with your new grill.

– Buy the appropriate sized grill based on your needs:

When buying a portable gas grill it is important that you get one that is right for your particular situation. A large family may need two grills; while an individual might be fine with one burner. If you’re going camping or tailgating then you will probably buy an inexpensive model that has only one burner and uses disposable propane cylinders (or those that hook to a propane tank). A family or person who likes cooking (and entertaining) will want a grill with more than one burner. There are even some larger grills that have as many as three burners and two separate cooking areas.

– Use the appropriate sized briquets:

When either lighting your gas grill before cooking, or adjusting and turning down the heat on a hot grill (to lower it), you’ll need to adjust the amount of charcoal used. If you use too few coals in your grill, then your food will overcook; if you use too much in your grill, then heat will escape up the sides of the cover and lessen what is available for cooking food. You should also be aware that the more food you have going in your grill, the longer it will take to cook.

– Put a little water in the drip pan:

Put a small amount of water in the drip pan under where your food will be cooking. The steam from this water helps keep meat moist and tender. You can even add an onion slice or two for flavor if you’d like.  The most important thing is to remember not to fill up the drip pan with so much water that some of it will boil away before you get started cooking (in which case, some of the juices would end up on your coals and produce acrid smoke).

– Use two heat zones:

The concept of having two heat zones on a gas grill is fairly simple. On most models, you’ll find that one side of the grill has burners underneath it and the other side does not. That means that if you want to cook something quickly (without burning) at high temperature, then place it directly over the burners; but if you want low temperature cooking with indirect heat (that is no flame under or near the food), then place the item over one of the empty sides. Then, when it’s time to turn your meat or veggies, you can simply move them from one heat zone to another.

– Keep the lid closed:

In order for your grill to work properly, you must keep its lid down while cooking – with a few exceptions which we’ll note below in a moment. Gas grills get their heat mainly by convection (hot air) and some amount of radiation (from the hot metal burners). This means that if you leave the lid of your grill open and high above the food, most of the heat will escape and cook far more slowly than it would otherwise. Therefore, when flipping and moving around food on your grill, you’ll need to carefully monitor the cooking process and be ready to close the lid at a moment’s notice.

– Use high heat for preheating:

You should always use your highest setting when pre-heating your grill before adding any food. You can do this even on a gas grill that has two or more heating zones because the burners will not be turned “on” yet, so there is no risk of flare-ups – which can happen if you start cooking food too soon after turning on the burners underneath it.

– Use medium heat for cooking:

When it’s time to actually start cooking, you’ll want to turn down the heat so that it is around 300 degrees Fahrenheit (that is approximately 150 degrees Celsius). That way, you’ll be able to cook all kinds of foods without burning them and still have a nice crisp exterior on them too. For example, for most meats and veggies, use a temperature around 325-350 Fahrenheit (about 160-180 Celsius). If you want something that will really sear or brown quickly – such as steaks – then bump up the temperature over 400 degrees F (over 200 C), but only long enough to get this effect. Then lower back down to medium once more when removing from the grill.

– Use low heat for long-term cooking:

Although you will generally want to use medium heat most of the time when cooking at your gas grill, there may be some foods that require prolonged cooking times and therefore, a lower temperature is required. For example, you might cook thicker meats (like pork ribs or beef brisket) or items like pizza on a very slow setting using indirect heat. Or – even better – wrap them in aluminum foil and seal tightly before placing back onto the grill grates.

– Use super low heat for warming:

When it comes to keeping foods warm, many gas grills have you covered with a warming tray or what is often called a “salamander” burner. This separate burner heats up quickly and provides heat that stays low but is still much hotter than the rest of the grill which comes in especially useful when simply trying to keep something hot until it’s time for it to be served.

– Close the lid while cooking:

To make sure your food cooks fast enough at higher heats, be sure to close your lid when adding food in order to trap in as much heat as possible. It also helps you monitor your food’s progress without wasting energy by constantly opening and closing your gas grill over and over again.

– Clean and oil after cooking:

Even the best gas grills under $500 need to b looked after properly, just like other expensive grills. Finally, always remember to wipe down or scrape off any excess foods from the grates as soon as you’ve finished cooking. That way, it’s much easier to get to them for cleaning once they’re cool enough to handle – which also helps keep your gas grill working well over time. Plus, oiling the grate will make it much easier for you to remove future cooked-on food easily next time around – especially if simply wiping with a paper towel and some oil is not quite enough.

How Do I Install A Gas Grill?

Installing a gas grill may seem daunting, but with the right tools and a little know-how, it’s a breeze. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

First, make sure you have all of the necessary tools on hand. You’ll need a screwdriver, socket wrench, adjustable wrench, and T-bar torque wrench.

If you have an existing patio or deck, start by measuring the area where your grill will go. Once you have the measurements, use a level to draw out a square or rectangle on the surface. If you don’t have an existing patio or deck, simply choose an open spot in your yard and mark it off.

Next, use the screwdriver to remove the screws holding the grill in place. Be careful not to damage the gas line. If your grill has a side burner, remove that too.

Now it’s time to put in the new grill. Line up the mounting brackets with the screws on the bottom of the grill and use the socket wrench to tighten them down. Make sure the grill is level before moving on.

Connect the gas line to the grill and tighten down with the adjustable wrench. Do not over-tighten, or you could damage the gas line.

Finally, use the T-bar torque wrench to tighten down all of the screws on the grill. Be sure to do this evenly so the grill is stable. You’re now ready to start cooking! Enjoy your new gas grill!

FAQs about The Best Gas Grills Under $500

How long should a gas grill last?

Even though we were looking for the best gas grill under $500, quality and durability were still high on our list of expectations.

In general, if you take care of your gas grill by performing annual maintenance and cleaning it properly after each use, a good quality BBQ will last for 10-15 years before major parts need to be replaced or repaired. Cheap grills typically only last half as long. If you are looking to buy a new grill, make sure you know what you are paying for.

Does it matter what kind of gas I use?

Refilling your propane tank with the wrong type of fuel can compromise the flavor and quality of your grilled food, so be sure to only fill up with the same kind of fuel that came with your grill originally. Using propane instead of natural gas will cause corrosion in an open flame system over time, so this is another good reason to stick to using the same type of fuel as instructed by your owner’s manual. Why waste money on fuel if you are just going to affect the taste anyway? What types of problems should I expect?There are several common problems that can affect the performance of your grill, including: The electronic ignition system malfunctions and fails to light the burners.

How Do I Light A Gas Grill?

A gas grill with propane is extremely easy to light. But, you have to follow the instructions for your specific model of gas grill. Some have an ignition switch that requires you flip a switch or knob before pressing the Ignition Button(s) on the front control panel of the grill. Others require that you turn two knobs in sequence to release gas into the grill. Always read your manual first! Don’t just put lighter fluid on it and expect it to work – these grills are designed to operate at very high temperatures, so only press the igniter when all of your burners are on, not when they are off or in between settings. If this doesn’t work, try turning the control knob to the “Pilot” setting, which will let you press the igniter without lighting all of your burners. Be careful doing this because sometimes once you start this sequence it cannot be stopped until the gas is turned off at the propane tank.

How do I figure out how much propane is left in my tank?

There are different methods you can use to find out how much gas is left in the tank but the easiest one would probably be to read your gauge by holding it up against a bright light source and reading it like you would a thermometer. Some tanks have an easy-to-read dial while others will require you to point them at the sun through the filler neck opening (make sure they’re closed). Either way, this method works best if you know what full looks like on your gauge so it’s always a good idea to check your tank when you first buy it and every few months after that to be safe.

Can gas grills explode? (especially, best gas grills under $500)

The answer is yes, but not often. Gas grills are powered by propane, natural gas or other gases. These fuels are compressed so that they burn hotter than the flame of a home stove.

What could cause this explosion?

Gas vents can clog up at times due to dust and other particles in the air if the grill is not used enough. The gas then builds up, making it more likely that there will be an explosive buildup when you finally do fire up your grill. If the excess isn’t ignited somehow (i.e., by lighting your gas grill), it can find its own ignition source such as a pilot light on another appliance in your home (water heater, furnace).

What should you do to prevent this?

Since gas grills aren’t always used enough to completely clear all the vents, it’s important that you inspect your grill regularly. Look for any damage to the exterior and check the hoses for cracks or deterioration. If there is anything wrong with your grill, don’t try to fix it yourself – get an expert. The last thing you want is for your defective item to cause injury or property damage when you finally fire up your grill.

Recommended precautions:

– Inspect gas grills periodically (at least twice a year) (months like January and February are good times because they’re “off-peak” months)

– Keep combustible materials away from the grill at all times (dried leaves, gasoline, etc.)

– Turn off all gas appliances when not in use (especially on windy days)

– Never store propane tanks indoors (they give off deadly fumes if exposed to an open flame or high temperature).

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Gas grills are a great way to cook for your family and friends. You can get started with our list of the best gas grills under $500, which includes nine different models that offer great features at an affordable price point.

Hopefully, you will have the right choice for your family through the information shared above. Don’t forget to share with us about your choice with the best gas grills under $500.

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