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Hi guys, I am Denson, a foodie and a chef by profession since more than 16 years. I have worked with Oceania cruise, the Finest Cuisine at Sea, and got a chance to travel different parts of the world and have tasted and prepared different kind of foods. Food & cooking has been close to my heart ever since I was a kid. It is very gratifying for me to see happy faces filled with love for the food prepared by me. I was always curious when it came to food. My mum loved cooking and I guess I get the love for food ‘BUG’ and the inquisitiveness from her. I would follow her into the kitchen to see what she was up to. I would sit on the kitchen platform and watch her spring up a variety of delicious food.

This DELICIOUS JOURNEY has culminated in the ‘Great Indian Grill’. The idea behind Great Indian Grill is to showcase different variety of Indian Dishes seen in all parts of India under one roof. Each taste brings you those memories we had in our traditionally rich past. We present you an excellent opportunity to take a walk back to those olden days in which we used to enjoy our traditional food with their real tastes. We at Great Indian Grill are dedicated, passionate, methodical, practical, and we deliver on promises and believe that a handshake seals the deal. It is with these principles that we approach every aspect of our business from the quality of our products, to the unparalleled service we provide our customers.

Great Indian Grill presents some of the best Indian Dish flavors around and delivers honestly with the real tastes. Our aim is to excite you completely. We consider Great Indian Grill to be a truly Indian restaurant that honors all different tastes of Indian Dishes. Our ultimate goal is to make our guests feel relaxed, nourished and satisfied at all levels of our services. No matter how dedicated and serious we are at work at Great Indian Grill, you can always feel the liveliness of celebrations and enjoyment. We will treat you as if you were dining in your best friend’s home. It is our promise.

Great Indian Grill

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