Top 8 Best Flat Top Grills for the Best Backyard BBQ Parties

What is the best Flat Top Grill?

Top 8 best flat top grills – Reviews & buying guide

A flat top grill is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any kitchen. It can be used for everything from pancakes to steaks, and it’s perfect for giving your food that unique grilled flavor!  The best flat top grills are sturdy, easy to clean, and come with plenty of accessories so you can cook almost anything on them. With so many great options out there today, picking the right one for your needs may seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry- our blog post will help simplify your search by reviewing some of the best models available on the market today!

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Top 8 best flat top grill

1. Blackstone 1666 Heavy Duty Flat Top Grill Station

The Blackstone Tabletop Griddle is compact and can be used anywhere, whether it’s camping, at the campsite or even cookouts. This griddle offers 24000 degrees of heat which will get your cooking ready in minutes.  The two powerful “H” style burners make this black-clad griddle the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. It features a steel surface which cooks eggs to perfection right off the bat! The Blackstone Tabletop Griddle is the best flat top grill. You get so much from such a small grill!


– Large cooking surface and 24,000 BTUs of heat means all your cooking challenges will be met quickly. 

– Powerful “H” burners for even heat ensure optimal heat distribution and even cooking. 

– Makes cooking easy and convenient. 

– Portable design for outdoor adventures.

– Enjoy the great outdoors even more with this portable griddle that’s perfect for all of your outdoor adventures!

– Large space is perfect for cooking eggs, hash browns, bacon, French toast and other things yum!

– You’ll save time and energy on clean up.

– The food will taste better because there’s less grease in the pan.


– You don’t have to prepare ahead of time like you would if using multiple pots and pans.  The griddle station has two burners which can be used independently so that different types of food can be cooked without having to switch items around.

– The flat top griddles and warming rack on this model allow you to cook more than one type of dish at a time, allowing for convenience since you won’t have to constantly check on whatever is cooking in order to switch it out with something else when it’s done cooking or when you need to add more ingredients in.

– This unit comes pre-assembled and ready for use right out of the box, saving you from having to spend extra money on tools or having to take it apart in order to put it together before you can start cooking.

– The caster wheels make it easy for you to move the unit around your patio, deck, porch or backyard as needed to suit your needs.  It also allows you store it away easily when not in use.

– You’ll get a drip tray that collects all of the fat and grease that drips off of food while it’s being cooked so there is less mess left over for you to clean up afterwards.


– Some customers have mentioned receiving units with defects such as loose screws or warped griddles which means they will need to contact customer service in order to fix these issues before can start using their Blackstone griddle station.

– This model is a little bit more expensive than some of the other griddles available, meaning it might not be something you want to purchase if you’re on a budget and looking for the most affordable option out there when it comes to outdoor griddles.

>>> No doubt, the Blackstone Tabletop Griddle is one of the best flat top grills.

2. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill[artid%7C10060.g.36464950[src%7C[ch%7C[lt%7C

The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is the perfect solution for outdoor cooking. With its heavy-duty 12,000–18,000 BTU burners and pre-seasoned hi-temp griddle surface – made with True Seasoned Surface which produces a naturally nonstick cooking surface making it easy to cook on thanks to our Cold Rolled Steel Griddle that is ready for cooking without any preparation or cleanup. 

This grill’s adjustable heat means you always have the control needed over all levels of your grumsy experience. This campfire essential comes equipped with grease tray, catch bucket, and micro adjust griddle levelers plus more features like dual hinged burner caps for increased safety when lighting the grill. The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is easily one of the best flat top grills.


– Clean up is a breeze with the grease tray.

– Large cooking surface for all your needs. 

– Control your cooking temperature with ease. 

– Cook like a professional chef in your own kitchen.

– Cooks evenly on the griddle, grill grate, and stovetop.

– Easily adjustable for different heights.

– Stores propane tank securely.

– Portable grilling set up for all your needs.


– Easily accessible propane tank – if you have ever cooked on an open fire, you know how difficult it can be to light the gas in order to get started.

– No soot left behind – Food loves to stick to grills when you cook them over open flames. If food does not stick, it makes cleanup easier after the meal has been prepared.

– No more need for charcoal or propane tanks – If you assume that you will always have enough propane on hand for cooking activities, you will not need to worry about storing fuel.

– Durable grill surface – this is a 1000 square inch steel griddle that is highly durable and easy to clean. You can cook a variety of different foods on it easily.

– Can be used as a stove top too – A flat top gas grill may seem like an odd addition to your outdoor cooking devices, but it can actually work well as a stovetop too!

– Perfect size for a tailgate or camping party – Many of the most recent versions of this grill come with a carrying case that makes it easy to bring along with you on camping trips, tailgating events, and other social gatherings where the host enjoys cooking outdoors.


– Space : Since this type of grill takes up more room than other cooking appliances, you will need adequate counter space. If you live in an apartment or small house, this might be an issue.

– Cord Length : The cord on a flat top is much shorter than a traditional stove and is only meant to reach a nearby outlet. You may also have to purchase an extension cord if your outlet isn’t located near where you want your stove set up.

>>> This product also holds its own in the list of best flat top grills.

3. Blackstone 28″ Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle

Here comes the gas grill by Blackstone in our list for the best flat top grills. The Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle is the ultimate heavy-duty griller. Turning your old, conventional grill into something new and exciting has never been easier. Unlike traditional gas units, you can control your cooking temperature with just a flick of a knob. With 475 square inches of cooking space and two side shelves perfect for plate or pan storage and prep, it provides any cook the opportunity to push their skill set to the next level with quality restaurant style food in minutes!


– Cooking surface of 470sq inches, cook everything from breakfast to dinner. 

– Easily replace your grill or BBQ with a Blackstone griddle and never look back!

– Bottom shelf and two side shelves for food storage.

– Simple to use, easy to assemble, so you’ll be cooking in no time. 

– Eliminate the hassle of kerosene, charcoal and matches; this grill includes an easy start.

– You’ll have a stylish outdoor kitchen.


– The surface is large enough to handle messy activities, such as making pancakes or cooking for multiple people. When the weather gets better, this unit makes a great addition to barbecues and other outdoor party events.

– It can be turned on from cold in about 15 minutes, which means you won’t have to wait long before you start your meal right after getting it home or setting it up at a fair or other event.

– The cooking area on this unit is very large, and the parts can be configured in many different ways to suit your needs and preferences.

– The Blackstone 28 inch grill griddle/grill is uniquely able to cook food fast because of the high temperature it can reach relative to other griddles or grills. The power output on this unit allows for very quick cooking times, which saves time and makes the process easier.

– This model weighs about 69 pounds, but has two wheels for easy mobility that will not leave skid marks if it’s an asphalt surface like a driveway or sidewalk It can be moved around just as easily as a gas grill, which also makes it easier to use at home or another location.

–  This type of griddle/grill is much easier than using a stovetop griddle to cook food because it’s usually not necessary to wash the surface afterward.


– Bigger size means it takes up more storage space when not in use than other griddles (although this also makes it ideal if you need to cook a lot at once)

– The porcelain coating can chip if dropped or stepped on by accident though this is not common.

>>> Overall, we believe this is one the best flat top grills in terms of value on our list.

4. Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill Stainless Steel Lid

Cuisinart’s CGG-888 Grill Stainless Steel Lid (descriptive name) has two 15,000 BTU burners which allow you to adjust cooking heat output quickly and easily. The collapsible side prep table with integrated paper towel holder ensures that your recipes stay clean front and center while the cold-rolled steel distributes heat evenly for perfectly grilled foods every time. Plus, Cuisinart has made this grill easy to position and move thanks to its three sturdy casters. Thankful we live in a culinary world where we have Cuisinart! Do your friends also need a cheap gas grill or some best flat top grills? You can share this guide with them as well.


– The PREP SPACE is a folding prep table that comes with a paper towel holder. 

– It assembles in 30 minutes or less and has a 3 year limited warranty. 

– You’ll have a griddle with two burners for cooking different dishes at the same time. 

– It’s easy to clean up grease from this griddle because of its design. 

– Roasting, steaming, baking and smoking will be easier than ever before.


– It has an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to rotate the locking catch 360 degrees or open the lid in whichever manner best suits you.

– It also has two sets of hinges, which means that instead of having to lift up one side of the lid to access your food, now you can easily access either side by simply pushing down on one end;

– It has a powder-coated finish that provides the lid with extra protection so you never have to worry about the surface rusting. This also gives it another great advantage in that there are no crevices for food residue to get stuck in;

– Easy clean up. When cooking, you might end up spilling some of your food onto the lid or other areas, but because this is made out of stainless steel, cleaning is simple and hassle free; 

– Comes with its own storage cover, which means you can easily store it away while not in use to keep it protected from dirt and debris;

– Doubles as a lid for your grill. This you to cook all kinds of foods without having to worry about losing any heat.

– The use of stainless steel ensures that you will be able to cook your food at its optimal temperature.


– The grease drain pan is attached which makes for easy cleanup but, if it isn’t placed in just the right spot some grease may end up on your countertop while cooking.

– The grill uses small disposable propane canisters which may not be cost efficient for some consumers.

>>> Overall, we believe that this is one of the best flat top grills in terms of looks on our list.

5. Blackstone 1984 Original 36 Inch Front Shelf

Are you looking for a best flat top grill for a small family? The Blackstone Original is the perfect product for your demanding lifestyles. It’s small, easy to transport and can fit into any corner. You can now put up a very impressive feast with no worries of limited counter space with this amazingly compact grill! The cooking area has enough room to cook all the food you need for your friends and family- hold them over from breakfast through dinner – without being too large for intimate gatherings. With four reinforced casters, you have mobility at your fingertips, so bringing that homemade touch into every occasion has never been easier!


– Allows you to cook multiple dishes on the same griddle station.

– Cook with ease and convenience 

– You can sear, fry, and grill on the same surface.

– Blackstone griddle is equipped with four burners, each burner can be controlled individually. 

– Blackstone griddle features a rear grease trap that collects all the mess, your cooking area will stay clean and organized.


– Blackstone 36 inch front shelf is a great accessory to have for your outdoor cooking needs. This can be used to place any additional tools or spices. It will give you enough space to carry all the other things that go with grilling.

– The Blackstone 1984 Original 36 Inch Front Shelf has an easy assembly and works well for items like tongs, brushes, lighters, seasonings, etc.

– It is made of high-quality steel material that makes it very tough and durable while maintaining its sleek look. The heavy-duty construction offers strength and extends the product’s lifespan.

– This unit is rust resistant which makes it excellent even when left out in harsh weather conditions for prolonged periods of time.

– The black powder coating provides a long lasting protection for this shelf and also maintains its appearance.

– Due to the strong steel frame, it is very easy to roll and move the unit whenever you like.


– The regulator knob was very difficult to turn initially but has become progressively easier to use after heavy use despite never using any lubricant or cleaner on it ever.

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6. Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill

Coming in 6th of our list of best flat top grills is the Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill.

The Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill boasts professional grade finishes and engineering, giving you a total cooking experience. An adjustable heavy duty cover allows for storage of the grill when not in use, while air insulations promote circulation to keep your food from drying out or burning. The equipment is sure to become a conversation starter for all of your guests!


– Battery powered push button ignition; no need for kerosene, charcoal and matches! 

– The grease Management has been updated, you may receive a rear grease or a front grease drain.

– Cook with ease and simplicity. 

– The griddle is big enough to make a large meal for the whole family all at once. 

– Cook more food faster with a griddle that’s 60,000 BTU.


– With four independently controlled cooking zones (two at 450°F each), this grill can be used to cook anything from burgers to pizza.

– The heavy-duty steel construction allows for easy transport while the large infrared burner provides consistent high heat across all four burners. The stainless steel grates provide even heating without hot spots that may cause burning or charring of food surfaces.

– The flat top design means that many foods can be cooked directly on it at once – including sandwiches, steaks, and more! This versatile cooking surface allows you to make a meal for a small family, or multiple meals at once. 

– The stainless steel construction also provides a sleek appearance that looks great in any outdoor kitchen. In addition to style, this finish means that your grill will not corrode over time from exposure to moisture and harsh weather conditions.

– They have a built in grease trap that makes clean up 75% easier than other outdoor grates.


– This grill does not come with a side burner but it can easily be added on to the unit. You can also buy a stand alone side burner and place it under one of the grill’s 4 stainless steel burners if you want to use the entire cooking surface for searing steaks etc.

>>> The durable product is indeed well claiming its authority among many best flat top grills.

7. Cuisinart CGG-0036 4-Burner, 36″ Gas Griddle

The Cuisinart CGG-0036 4-Burner, 36″ Gas Griddle is perfect for cooking outside on your patio or in the backyard. The large surface allows up to 10 people to cook at one time, while the four independently controlled burners allow you to adjust heat settings for hot and cool zones on the gristle surface. The removable grease drip cups make it easy to remove any excess butter before it soaks into the griddle’s steel coating. With two wheels and leveling feet, this gas grill is easy to move around your space without hassle. Incredible construction is always at the top when you search for the best flat top grills.


– The cooking surface is made out of cold-rolled steel, providing 760 square inches of space.

– You can easily manage grease with the two front grease cups. 

– With 15,000 BTUs per burner and 60,000 total BTUs, you’ll be able to cook anything your heart desires!

– Store or transport your griddle easily; it folds down compactly for storage and transport!

– Cook like a professional chef in your own home.


– The Cuisinart CGG-0036 4-Burner, 36″ Gas Griddle is a restaurant quality gas griddle that allows you to cook up to four different items at once. 

– There are two large side shelves included with this grill so you have lots of storage space for your grilling accessories while cooking and there’s even a small removable rear shelf so you can place a plate or other items up front while working in the back at the same time. 

– The Cuisinart CGG-0036 4-Burner, 36″ Gas Griddle comes with a heavy duty cart that has been powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion. The wheels on this cart make it easy to pull out and push back in when you’re not cooking and they swivel easily so the griddle will move where you need it instead of sticking when you try to reposition it. 

– This model also has a built-in temperature gauge so you can monitor how hot your grill is getting inside while cooking. 

– Temperature control dial makes getting the right heat setting easy as 1-2-3.

– PFOA-free nonstick coating means that clean up is a one step process, no scraping or harsh chemicals necessary.

– Heavy duty construction means that you can cook almost anything on this griddle without it warping, buckling, or cracking under the weight.


– Requires more storage space than smaller appliances (this is not an issue for most kitchens). 

– Price may make this product unaffordable for some customers.

>>> Any of these gas grills mentioned above will be an excellent choice to buy from as I have discussed only the 8 best flat top grills.

8. PIT BOSS 10762 5 Burner Gas Griddle[artid%7C10060.g.36464950[src%7C[ch%7C[lt%7Csale

The Pit Boss 5 Burner Deluxe Griddle is perfect for cooking food for any occasion. On the grill, you can cook restaurant-quality meals for your friends and family without taking up too much space in your kitchen. With a size that’s designed to feed two people or a small crowd, its sure to be more than enough surface area with five burners and 750 square inches of cooking surface. Furthermore, it features an effortless griddle drain system that makes cleaning quick and simple – if messy! Sporting durable non-stick steel cooking surfaces on every side of the grill plus extra shelf space at either end so you can cook even more than before. Want some room? The shelves fold out wide or down to easily lock into place across the grill. If you want the very best flat top grills, there’s no argument the PIT BOSS 10762 5 Burner Gas Griddle is the way to go.


– Cooks up to 10 burgers at once. 

– Cooking surface is a whopping 753 square inches, cooks for large groups of people at once.

– 5 stainless steel burners provide 62,000 BTU of cooking power. 

– Griddle top is made from heavy duty steel for longevity and durability. 

– Locking caster swivel wheels make it easy to move the griddle around on your deck or patio.

– Become the master chef of your kitchen with this griddle!


– Heavy duty cast aluminum construction

-Nonstick surface helps with food release and reduces the need for oil or butter in cooking. This helps reduce fat content in your meals and adds a bit of flavor to your food from oils dripping onto heat source during cooking process.

– Grill temperature thermometer allows you take the guesswork out of knowing what temperature your grill is, thus resulting in more consistent results from one meal/cooking session to another.

– Temperature gauge lets you monitor the internal temperatures of meats while they’re cooking without having to open door on smoker, which releases vital moisture/heat every time it’s opened and closed.

– Drain cleaning tool allows you to clean out any clogs in either the bottom of grease pan, drain tubes themselves, or tubes below the griddle itself.

– Easy assembly with included wrench and instructions. No special tools required outside of what’s included in the package already.


– Does not come with a lid: PIT BOSS 10762 5 Burner Gas Griddle does not come with a lid – most likely because it would be hard to clean if one was included; therefore, you will need to purchase one separately if you want that feature.

– A gas griddle may take up significant space inside a restaurant kitchen but since its five burners can simultaneously cook multiple orders at once, it actually saves more time than expected.

>>> We also take a look at eight of the best flat top grills currently available on the market today.

Buying Guides on The Best Flat Top Grill

What are Flat Top Grills?

The best thing about owning a flat top grill is that you can cook so much more than just your average burgers and brats. Flat top grills are fireboxes, where the heat is produced not in an enclosed setting like most other outdoor grills, but rather on a cooking surface. The heat source is often propane or natural gas which provide high temperatures needed to sear meats and vegetables. You can make exceptional grilled and BBQ dishes with one of the best flat top grills.

Flat top grills are usually made up of four main components: the steel housing structure, cooking grate(s), grease management system (self-catching drip tray), and access doors for the control valves. Some smaller units might have all these components except for one or two (for example no access door) but every unit will have every component.

High-end flat top grills will boast stainless steel components while the lower end units are made of enameled steel. The cooking grate is generally cast iron or heavy gauge metal. You can expect to pay more though for the high-end models that use thicker metals for everything. Higher quality flat top grills should be able to take higher temperatures than cheaper, flimsy models without warping. This ensures better sear marks and less sticking on whatever you’re cooking at the time.

Generally, most flat top grills come with one or two cooking surfaces which is very limiting when you consider that there’s a total of four sides that could be used as a cooking surface in some way or another…if you have a flat top grill with multiple cooking surfaces, you can cook a lot more meat in one go.

From 4 burgers to 12 steaks, the capacity of your grilling surface should always be taken into consideration when looking for a new unit to buy. Another important thing to keep in mind is that most models come standard with side tables which are usually adjustable. You’ll need this feature if there is any chance that you might ever want to use your flat top grill like an oversized skillet (for example searing vegetables).

While flat tops are easily adaptable for cooking all kinds of meats and veggies directly on the grates or on baking steel or stones, they still aren’t perfect substitutes for regular charcoal grills. There are several reasons for this, but the most important thing to consider is that you cannot achieve your desired level of smoky flavor with a flat top grill because it’s too easy for grease or fat to drip off the grates and onto the flames.

This essentially steams everything which means no charring (or at least less than what would occur on an open flame like charcoal). Furthermore, some plant matter like onions will definitely stick to the cooking grate but veggies can be easily resolved by simply putting them in aluminum foil before placing them on the grates.

The main problem with flat top grills lies in their uneven heating surface. These units have one large active area where heat is produced by either gas or burners and there are no cool spots to have conversations around. The unit’s size is also a limiting factor as it will take up so much space on your porch or patio.

What Are The Components Of A Flat Top Grills?

A flat top grill is a type of barbecue grill that has a solid metal surface that heats evenly. This makes it perfect for cooking items like pancakes, eggs, and hamburgers. Flat top grills are popular among professional chefs because they can be used to cook a variety of foods quickly and evenly.

The most important component of a flat top grill is the heating element. This is the part of the grill that gets hot and cooks the food. The heating element can be made from different materials, including electric, gas, or charcoal.

The grate is another important component of a flat top grill. The grate is the metal surface on which the food sits. It is important to make sure that the grate is in good condition and is properly cleaned before use.

Other components of a flat top grill include the hood, the control panel, and the shelves. The hood is the part of the grill that covers the cooking surface. The control panel allows you to adjust the temperature and settings on the grill. The shelves provide extra space to store cooking utensils and food.

A flat top grill is a great option for anyone who wants to cook food quickly and evenly. It is perfect for cooking pancakes, eggs, and hamburgers. The most important components of a flat top grill are the heating element and the grate. Make sure to clean the grate before use and adjust the temperature on the control panel to get the best results.

How To Use Flat Top Grills?

Flat top grills are fantastic appliances. As their name implies, they have a flat cooking surface that allows you to cook up an entire meal simultaneously – something impossible with your traditional grill pan. Unfortunately for some people, flat top grills can be slightly intimidating to use at first because of the lack of built in back burner you typically see on other grills. However, if you know how to use your flat top properly, it will become your favorite cooking appliance fast. In this section, we will go through everything you need to know to make sure you get the best flat top grills. Here are 5 tips for getting started… 

#1. First and foremost, make sure you have all utensils needed for cooking before turning the unit on. Once you turn it on, there is no going back! So make sure you have everything you need (and that it is ready to go) before you fire up the grill. 

#2. If you are not familiar with how your unit works, check the manual or contact customer service for specific instructions on how to operate it properly. This way you won’t waste energy and possible damage your unit by experimenting on your own. 

#3. Keep in mind that even though most flat top grills cook using radiant heat, they do emit some convection heat as well. As a result, always place items away from the edges of the cooking surface where there is more chance of burning them with too much heat radiating directly from the element below.

#4. Make sure all food is completely thawed before placing onto hot grates – this will prevent your food from sticking to the surface.

#5. Finally, always clean the cooking grates immediately after your meal is complete. This ensures that no burnt on residue or leftover sauces can burn onto the surface while it is cooling down so you won’t have any difficulty getting them off at a later time.

What is the advantage of a flat top grill?

#1. Flat Top Grills vs Other Cooktops – Will I be able to cook anything?

This comparison between flat top grills and cooktops goes beyond just cooking food; it also looks what else they can help you accomplish in your home.

Cooktops are great to have as a way to cook food, but it is important to know that there is a difference between cooking different types of food. Some items need an even surface so they can be cooked at the same rate and evenly throughout the dish, while others require more heat underneath for searing , or if you happen to have a grill pan. While flat top grills do take longer to preheat than a standard oven, they also offer much better heat control when manipulating temperatures with their adjustable burners compared to gas or electric stoves . They provide many benefits allowing you to cook both sides at once without having to flip the piece of meat over, etc. In addition, it allows you to do much more than just cook food.

#2. Flat Top Grills vs Other Cooktops – Heat Control

Having a flat top grill allows you to have the ability to control the heat under or around your cooking item which, depending on what is being cooked, will determine how much heat should be underneath the food for it to cook properly. For example, if one were cooking burgers, they would want less heat so they could flip them over easier without them getting burned by the high-temperature heat from below; however, if they were cooking chicken breasts , it would be best for there to be more even and concentrated heat . A proper temperature range must be followed when cooking with flat top grills in for them to work correctly and cook the meats in a shorter amount of time.

#3. Flat Top Grills vs Other Cooktops – Tastes Better

A major benefit that flat top grills have over cooktops are that food cooked with them tastes better since the heat is controlled closer to it. This allows for denser flavors in comparison to when foods are cooked on other burners or ovens, which tend to cause hot spots, therefore diminishing the flavor of the item being made.

Additionally, cooking using flat top grills has been known to reduce cooking times by up to 40%. This helps not only save time , but also helps retain more of the nutritional value of food . You can then take this extra time you have created and use it doing something else you enjoy.

#4. Flat Top Grills vs Other Cooktops – Healthier

Many people are concerned about how to cook healthy, but do not want to spend much time thinking about it because they are too busy with other things in their lives. Luckily, cooking food on flat top grills allows for healthier meals . This is mainly due to the fact that you can control where the grease or oils go instead of them being cooked directly into your meal which makes them harder to get rid of later on . Additionally, if you happen to use oil sprays or other ingredients along with the food while cooking , it makes it easier for these items to be used since there is no oven door getting in the way of what needs spaying next .

Additionally, when food is cooked on flat top grills , there are usually not any open flames for it to be around nor does the item sit in the drippings  which may contain carcinogens . This is another benefit because using a flat top grill can help reduce your risk of cancer by reducing exposure to these harmful chemicals. It is important to follow the product manuals directions for cleaning and safety while cooking with one, but overall they prove to be healthier than other cooktops or ovens.

#5. Flat Top Grills vs Other Cooktops – Even Cooking/Flavor Distribution

Flat top grills tend to heat up evenly throughout the food itself which allows all of it to cook at the same rate . Cooking items on other stovetops or ovens can result in some parts getting hotter than others, resulting in possible burn areas . This is due to the fact that they heat up quickly and easily which cause hot spots throughout the inside of what you are cooking. However, this does not occur when using a flat top grill; it instead heats up evenly for even texture and taste through whatever is being cooked.

#6. Flat Top Grills vs Other Cooktops – Clean Up

When food is cooked on different cooktops , such as an electric stove or gas range, there tends to be grease or other residue left behind from cooking making clean-up harder afterward. Since a flat top grill usually has a smooth surface with holes drilled into it to allow grease to drip down into it, there is less to wipe away afterward. It is important to understand how the grill you are using works in order to best clean whatever product you are cooking with it after, but most flat top grills do not require much effort when it comes to cleaning them up.

#7. Flat Top Grills vs Other Cooktops – Energy Efficient

Since the majority of flat top grills use electricity as opposed to propane or other fuels , they will usually cut down on energy costs . This is because the materials used in burners and stoves tend to be more expensive than those needed for a flat top grill . Not only that, but if food is cooked correctly and at the proper heat time range (which can be found in the product manual), then there are usually no flames being produced during cooking . This leads to no open flames needing to be lit or maintained which saves time and money after it is switched on. Additionally, many flat top grills have timers which can help save energy by turning off the grill before cooking has finished so that food is not overcooked .

This provides optimal flavor for both sides of whatever you are cooking without having to flip it over.

How do you maintain a flat top grill?

This may seem like a simple question but the answer can be very involved. The best flat top grills should last for long years, and be repairable if necessary. You want to make sure you know how to clean and maintain this cooking surface so it continues to give you years of reliable service and you don’t get any surprises down the road.

The first step we’ve found in maintaining flat top grills is to keep them simple and uncluttered. Immediately upon using your unit, try to wipe up spills or food debris while they are still fresh. The more cooked on material that’s allowed to accumulate, the harder they are going to be to remove later when it comes time for cleaning.

If there is something burnt onto the surface of the grill, sometimes the use of chemical oven cleaners can help in removing these types of tough stains. You will want to be careful when using these types of cleaners, however. They can often be caustic and you don’t want to damage your cooking surface.

Always remember that the key to keeping your unit looking great is preventing food from sticking in the first place! Make sure you’re using the right cooking equipment for what you are cooking and never try and force a pan or piece of equipment onto a flat top if it doesn’t fit easily. This is an excellent way to get yourself into some serious trouble down the road…trust me.

Allowing food particles to build up on the cooking surfaces means they will eventually start causing foods like meat and vegetables to stick into the metal grill area while they cook. These stuck on deposits can burn and char the surface of your cooking area, leaving them with a blackened or burnt look. While this may not be aesthetically appealing it can also lead to the metal grill being eaten away over time because of these chemicals being exposed to high heat continuously.

If you’re using a flat top grill as part of a buffet line it’s also important that you take into consideration how often you’re opening the unit up for service by your customers. Opening and closing the unit repeatedly puts stress on its hinges and casters which increases the chances they’ll need to be replaced down the road if proper care is not taken.

When working on a flat top grill keep in mind that some things will take longer than others to clean up properly depending upon their type. If you just have a little bit of grease from cooking meat, then you can probably get away with using some cleaning rags and hot water to wipe the surface down again. However if there has been a large spill or surplus of food particles on the flat top it will require more extensive work and scrubbing to completely remove these types of substances.

Some cooks like to use ammonia based window cleaner when working on their flat top grills because this type of product helps loosen stuck on debris without leaving any sort of residue behind on the cooking area that would burn off into your food during subsequent uses.

If you’re looking for an environmentally safe way to clean up after yourself while maintaining the proper look and feel of your unit we recommend using a citrus based cleaner that can be purchased at your local supermarket or large department store. These types of cleaners are often biodegradable and made with plant-derived ingredients which is one reason why they are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

When you’re finished cleaning up the flat top grill make sure you go ahead and properly dry it if working with water. If your unit is heated with gas, you’ll want to make sure there’s no residual moisture on the surface before beginning cooking again if possible. This will maximize the life of the unit immensely over time because rust is most likely going to form when exposed to moist environments for prolonged periods of time.

The simple act of following these steps related to maintaining flat top grills can be the difference between having to replace your unit down the road or not.

We were looking for the best flat top grills, quality and durability were still high on our list of expectations.

FAQs about The Best Flat Top Grill

Is a flat top grill safe to use?

It’s usually perfectly safe as long as you follow all safety precautions provided with it and other cooking tools like a brush or tongs that might scratch the surface. If you have young children around, remember that they should not use any part of your flat top grill for cooking without supervision from an adult since these appliances get extremely hot after being left on for several minutes. Also, always keep pets away from stove tops where food is being cooked as their sensitive noses can cause them to jump up on the counter and burn themselves.

Are flat top grills good for burgers?

The answer is no flat top grills are not good for burgers. If you want the traditional grill marks on your burger then it has to be done on a traditional grill or on an open flame. The reason why I say this is because of the nature of the cooking surface on these cooktops. These cooktops are very similar to skillets where they impart high heat on one area and does not distribute evenly across the whole surface. As said by Joe Pastry , these type of grills do not sear properly . If you try to sear your meat directly over the hot element, half cooked meat will touch the metal plate which would instantly burn it.

Maybe there are some tricks used in order make this work, but most people seem to get the same result: half-cooked meat. The reason for this is that these grills work by hovering above a flame and almost every time, they do not provide enough contact with the grate to properly sear or even cook an evenly distributed medium rare burger.

There’s also another huge drawback on cooking burgers with flat top grills: you can’t easily get flare ups! Flareups are born out of grease dripping from your food and hitting the heat source causing the embers to ignite creating all sorts of wonderful charred flavors in your food. This method isn’t used much in professional kitchens because if someone accidentally flips their steak onto the open flame there could be serious consequences. Not only are you dealing with flames but, when things are really going well, you have a nice ball of fire.

In conclusion, flat top grills are bad for burgers because they don’t allow good searing, produce half-cooked meat and can’t get flare ups . Remember that for the grill to produce that nice sear and crusty surface, it has to be in direct contact with the heat source (i.e., flames).

Do you need to oil a flat top grill?

The answers to this question vary from person to person. Some people place a lot of importance on how often they oil their grill, while others couldn’t care less if their grill is well-oiled or not. We all have our own reasons for why we do it and when we do it. However, there are some general guidelines that will make your flat top grill cook more efficiently and effectively. As reviewed above, all of our eight best flat top grills contain multiple features to help you enjoy your BBQ.

When should you oil your flat top?

The most optimal time to add oil would be right before cooking on the griddle. If you add the oil too soon, it could block important surfaces from absorbing heat and result in uneven cooking across the surface of the griddle. This also means that if any excess debris falls onto your griddle during cooking, it could also get absorbed by the oil and cause it to flare-up during cooking. If you add the oil after your griddle has already heated up, you will likely lose some of the heat in the process (which means time spent waiting for your grill to recover its heat).

If your grill is well-oiled, then you shouldn’t need to worry about adding more before every meal. However, if there are foods tend to leave behind bits of residue or attract excess debris (such as bacon), then it may be necessary to wipe out any excess debris from time to time or add a little bit of fresh oil before continuing with your cooking.

Are all flat top grills gas?

Yes, it is true that all flat top grills are gas. A charcoal grill may have a flat cooking surface but not necessarily a flat top.

Is a Flat Top Grill a Griddle?

A flat top grill is not a griddle, because a griddle has edges and a flat top grill does not. Technically speaking, if the surface of your cooking surface curves down at any point — even infinitesimally — then it is not truly planar and therefore falls outside the definition of “griddle.”

In contrast to all that I’ve just said, there are also several non-stick pans with curved surfaces that get called “griddles” because they are used for cooking things that would work better on a griddle.

The Salton/Maxim company makes several models of “griddles,” some having a flat plate and others with a curved surface. All the surfaces have an electric heating element under them, but it is not clear whether or not they are non-stick or if they can be used for turning or flipping food. So technically speaking, these products function as either griddles or frying pans depending upon how you use them — even though they’re often referred to as “griddles.”

The bottom line: A flat top grill is not a griddle in and of itself. A flat top grill can be used like a griddle, but it cannot function as one if the temperatures are too high and do not drop significantly when food is placed on the surface.

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Flat tops are one of the most popular types of grills for backyard barbecue enthusiasts. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can find a grill that best suits your lifestyle. If you’re looking to buy a flat top grill this summer, be sure to check out our list below before making any decision!  We provide reviews on some of the best flat top grills on the market today as well as tips on how each type works and what they offer. Don’t forget to share with us about your choice with the best flat top grills.

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